Ditto Transport LLC was started in early 2004 by two truck drivers who decided to buy a truck together, share all the expenses and drive it in hopes of earning a little more money.  Shortly thereafter, an opportunity arose for them to add another truck to the company and hire a couple of drivers.  They took advantage of that opportunity and now in 2013, Ditto Transport has five divisions, 24 trucks, employs approximately 35 drivers and 4 supporting staff members.  

The first division type of Ditto Transport are local petroleum, ethanol, bio and jet fuel delivery tanker fleets.  These fleets run 24/7 with both day and night shifts.  We primarily service gas stations and terminals in the Chicagoland, Milwaukee and Northern IN/Southern MI area.

Another division of Ditto Transport is running expedited freight using what is known as "Hot Shot" straight trucks.  These straight trucks are specially designed with sleeper units to afford team drivers a living space while on the road.  These trucks cover 48 states and Canada and can be on the road from three weeks to months at a time. 

A couple additional divisions of Ditto Transport consists of fleets running for various companies in which some run local, regional and some are OTR (over the road).  Many of these are dedicated lanes in where a driver can count on a set amount of miles and a set schedule each week. Depending on where they are based in the country and what run they have, they can be out anywhere from 2 days at a time to being out for a week. Some of our terminals include Gurnee IL, Gary IN and Summersfield, FL.

The final division of Ditto Transport consists of a new start up operation in Florida running local semi-dump trucks and car haulers.